the story

The Old Butter Factory sits humbly off the main street of the quaint Queensland town of Dayboro. She is a grand old lady, full of charm and character. There is something almost reverent about the building with its beautiful pared back walls forming a raw and earthy backdrop, the stunning led light windows and honest industrial fittings. You will understand when you visit; it is mesmerizing.

Is it any wonder that we fell in love with this space? Taking cues from the building itself, we have drawn on our passion and strengths, advocating our eco-conscious commitment to Mother Nature and hand craftsmanship, to bring an interior design store resplendent with a nursery of indoor plants and artworks. Entangle – living art forms the first chapter of our story.

The guiding theme of Entangle-living art,`Feel at HomeĀ“is about creating a complete feeling of well-being through mindful appreciation. The result is a creative feast for the senses at every turn; elements to produce extraordinary and inspiring spaces. By day, stunning windows flood the space with natural light, it’s softness a beautiful compliment to the subject matter. And by night…

Here’s the thing. By night the magic is palpable. Soft mood lighting captures the charm of an intimate and enchanted atmosphere. It is very special and begs to be shared. And so, after establishing and continuing to grow our interior decor store, we felt the need to do more. To share the space for all to linger longer, so you too could succumb to the seduction of what is now ENTANGLED EVENTS.





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