We wanted to create a dreamy, woodsy theme for Zoe and David’s wedding day; like something out of a fairy tale. It needed to be amazing; something to match the passionate generous spirits of this loved up couple. Their warm and relaxed demeanor inspired the entire concept whilst the location begged for just a little bit of drama in an otherwise whimsical setting. This wondrous style was perfect for our bride and groom who wanted to embrace the true essence of what the day was truly all about. It was romantic and intimate; moments and places to be alone and others to party with their hundred or so happy guests. The day was perfect; scheduled to a tee (enter school teacher Bride) with only a few curve balls to keep it real (it rained and rained and rained). The decor was an eclectic mix and match not unlike the couple themselves, and Zoe got to channel her inner princess (she was a natural) for her very charming Man.

If there is such a thing as the food matching the mood – and I think there is – then GrAtelife deserves a ten out of ten. A delicous charcuterie table of epic proportions and visual appeal made way for what can only be described as top restaurant food, served hot and resplendent to to a hundred guests with flair and flavor. Add in professional wait staff with drinks a-plenty and you have a very cheerful soiree! Hooray!

The Wedding Dream Team included:

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